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Arbeitsproben on the spot one of a kind

Tonsalon meets Wicona at Bau 2019

In collaboration with exposition designer Atelier Seitz, we´ve created a sound installation for the booth-concept Discover Urban Evolution. The idea was, to subjoin an additional layer of presentation to the spectacular, New York inspired architecture: iconic sounds & songs from the Big Apple.
Therefore we designed three different sound-moods: Manhattan traffic, central park and as a thread music. Selected songs and compositions ranging from classics, jazz, rap & musical reviving the great tradition and variety of New York as a cultural melting pot in the ear of the beholder.


Design of a continuous 3D-Sound dramaturgy for 650 m2 of spectacular booth architecture.

  • Skills

    Logic Pro, ZoomX5 and a good contact in New York

  • Client

    Atelier Seitz, Wicona

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