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one of a kind

moccalicious | Café am Hochufer | 12 am

Brasilian owner with personality and employees with stories.
Whiskered guys serving coffee & gin.
The reflection of the sun in the cocktail glasses dancing on the ceiling.

Soundmix 7 Kat: 80% Gelb und leichte Grüntöne. Funk straight und Soulicious feelings. combined with local identity. 773/968/955/968/007/006/A86


Cosmopolitan sound yet with a clearly defined identity

  • Date

    August 11, 2017

  • Skills

    Kaffeehaustradition, Funk und Hafenglück, altes Schellack im Hirn und frische Hände an den Decks

  • Client

    Marcio, der wunderbare Barista

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